Golubac fortress day-trip

Visit Iron Gate and East Serbia

Private Tour from Belgrade by taxi

Duration (basic tour) 6-8 hours

Pick-up and Drop-off at you accommodation

Fully Flexible

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Eastern Serbia Private Tour

On this excursion from Belgrade to Golubac, you can also visit Silver Lake, Vimnacium, Djerdap Gorge,  Ram, and Lepenski Vir. 

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Balkan Chauffeur is at your disposal for your private day-trip from Belgrade with a sightseeing tour in Eastern Serbia. The main attraction on this tour is the famous Golubac Fortress. It is located on the Danube band at the entrance in Iron Gate – Djerdap gorge . It is for sure the most beautiful fortress in Serbia. Inside the fortress are guides who can inform you a lot about the rich history of this middle-age fortress. Golubac is a little less than 2 hours of driving from Belgrade. It is really worth to come to see it.

Places of interest in eastern Serbia

But if you wish to see more, there is a lot of attractions nearby. We recommend a coffee break at Silver Lake, Archeological Museum Vimnacium, and Ram Fortress at the Danube too. Those places are relatively on the way. One hour further away from Golubac is possible to visit the Archeological site of Lepenski Vir and Kapetan Mišin Breg, a great viewpoint on Djerdap Gorge.

Professional chauffeurs from our limo service from Belgrade are knowledgeable about all the tourist locations of Iron Gate in eastern Serbia and they will provide you with all the information you need.

The advantage of a private tour by car is that you do not share the trip with anyone else and you can choose the time of departure for the Golubac day-trip. It also means that you don’t have to choose our basic itinerary and a 6-hour excursion. You can customize the whole Golubac tour adding other attractions on this trip.


  • Private Sightseeing Tour only for your group up to 4 travelers (car), or up to 8 travelers (minivan)
  • The basic excursion includes Golubac Fortress
  • Round-trip from Belgrade
  • Pick-up/Drop-off location is your accommodation in Belgrade or Belgrade Airport (Ask for a quote for another city)
  • The time of the trip start is your decision. But please, avoid the rush-hour from 7:30-9:30
  • Choose from recommended 6-hour tour itinerary or go to custom-tailored, fully flexible tour which is hourly charged.


Basic Tour:

  • Pick-up at your accommodation in Belgrade
  • 90-120 min of driving to Golubac
  • Sightseeing of Golubac Fortress up to 3 hours (including your time for lunch)
  • Return to your accommodation in Belgrade

Available in Hourly-Rated Tour:


Between Belgrade and Golubac

Further away

(driving through beautiful Derdap Gorge)


Included in excursion price :

  • Pick-up and drop-off at your accommodation in Belgrade or BEG airport.
  • Private transfer between locations with a comfortable car or minivan
  • An informative, professional English-speaking chauffeur with good knowledge about Djerdap Area
  • All driving expenses(fuel, tolls, parking…)
  • Child seat if you need
  • WI-FI
  • Bottled water
  • A short stop on the way if you need to


  • Licensed Guide 
  • Entrance Fees to museums or wine-tasting tours (Golubac ticket 600 rsd, 45 Boat ride around fortress 15 €)
  • Food and drink
  • Personal expenses
  • More time or longer tour than agreed

Start of the tour

Our driver is waiting for you at your address at the agreed time you want. We recommend that it be  10 am to avoid traffic jams. A comfortable and clean vehicle is reserved for you and your family or friends only.


Trip from Belgrade

From Belgrade to Golubac are less than 2 hours of comfortable driving on the highway and the Serbian countryside.  If you chose to visit Silver Lake, Ram Fortress or Ram Fortress yo can go there before or after visiting the fortress.


In Golubac, there is a lot of great fish restaurants next to the Danube. The widest part of Danube is in Golubac. Because of the wide Danube, you will have the impression that you are next to the sea instead of the river. Another side of Danube is in Romania.

We can guarantee that you will have great pictures from the Golubac Fortress. It looks really impressive.


In Golubac, it is possible to book a 45-minute boat cruise(15 € per person). But we can’t promise you that because of their schedule.


Other attractions

If you are not too tired, and you are hungry for more beautiful sightings on the Danube, Kapetan Mišin Breg is a great attraction about 45 minutes away. And Lepenski Vir museum, one of the oldest archaeological sites in Europe.


Return to Belgrade

After this trip,  if you have not already paid online, you can pay in the car with either a card or by cash. If you chose a 6-hour basic tour, you pay a fixed amount from the price list. If you have exceeded this time, additional hours are added to the price list. And if you choose the option to charge per hour, the time is counted from the moment the tour starts until the driver returns you to the same location. Of course, 15 minutes is tolerance.

We are quite sure that you will be pleased with this trip, and we hope you will find some time to rate us on TripAdvisor.


In an hourly-rated option you can visit any combination of listed places. But keep in mind that day can be short for all of them. It is possible to visit other localities in the eastern of your choice. Avala and Smederevo Fortress also can be included in the Golubac Tour.

Before you book a tour please check the working time of the fortress because it depends on the time of the year.  And it is closed at Monday.  Keep in mind that on Danube river can be really windy.

Golubac Fortress has few options for sightseeing. For the highest viewpoints, you need because it is really hard to climb there trough the rocks.

Basic Golubac Entrance fee costs 600 rsd (free for children), and basic tickets cover all areas of fortress except those which are hard to climb. The ticket which includes those towers at the rock cost 1200rsd, but this requires sports shoes and pants. And you have to be in great shape.

In Golubac, it is possible to book a 45-minute boat cruise(15 € per person). But we can’t promise you that because of their schedule.

In Golubac, it is possible to book a 45-minute boat cruise(15 € per person) around the fortress and. But we can’t promise you that because of their schedule.

NOTE: Please, before you book a tour or ask us a question, check all tabs and information on this page. We gave our best to make this page really informative.





All shown price for Golubac excursion is priced per car, not per person.


Hourly Rated
25/ h


Extra charge
  • + 50€ for 8+1 Minivan

Round-trip route

Time of driving including return trip

From Belgrade to Golubac:

Round-Trip including all attractions:

Book your private tour to East Serbia

Keep in mind that we can’t send you the car in short notice and that we need to confirm your booking manually.


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