The best ski resorts in Slovenia

Introduction to ski ressorts in Slovenia

Ski season is upon us, and if it won’t be your first rodeo, the planning has already begun. Would you like to save some bucks this year but still not miss out on any of the views of Switzerland or amenities of the French Alps? Look no further than Slovenia, an underdog in the skiing world that keeps improving.

We’ll tell you all about where to ski in Slovenia, which slopes were crowned the best in the skiing in Slovenia 2022 season, and how to choose the best for your wishes and needs.


How to get to these ski centers?

There are always several options to reach any ski center in Slovenia, depending on the airport or city you are coming from. However, the most comfortable way to travel is with a private transfer provided by Balkan Chauffeur.




Know before you go – Skiing in Slovenia

Slovenia is a fast-growing country in Central Europe, home to intricate cave systems, the greenest capital in Europe, salamanders, and world-class ski resorts. You’ll be having a blast if you decide to spend your ski holiday in Slovenia, especially if you’re planning a family trip.

There are 50 ski resorts in Slovenia, ranging from 40-plus kilometers of pistes to the ones with just one slope. You’ll feel all the coziness skiing in Slovenia, as most of these resorts are family-friendly and mid-size, which is also perfect if you’re not a pro. Pro skiers will have a ball here also, as the hardest pistes are kept to the highest standards.

Can’t decide which slope to hit for the day? Are you planning on testing your skills in as many resorts as possible? Slovenia makes it easy, as one ski pass gets you an entry ticket to all of them, with a small exception of Vogel and Kanin. And this isn’t even the best part, as the prices are almost twice as low compared to France, for example. But not as cheap as in Bansko Ski Resort, Bulgaria.  You can get seasonal or multi-day passes, both individual or family packs. Adult multi-day ski passes range from 79€ for a 2-day pass to 235€ for the whole week of skiing, while the ordinary seasonal ski pass sets you back 189€.

Mariborsko Pohorje ski resort – Explore the largest ski resort in Slovenia

Located in the Podravska region in the eastern part of Slovenia, this Slovenian ski resort will give you the most variety there is. This location promises some amazing views, as it overlooks the city of Maribor and offers peaceful skiing through the woodland areas. Pohorje Ski Resort is divided into three sections – Snow Stadium, Bolfenk, and Areh.

The season in this resort starts on December 1st and lasts until the end of March. Even though it’s open from 9 am to 4 pm, it is well-suited for night skiing as well. Day ticket prices range from 25€ for children, 37€ for youth, and 43€ for adults.

Besides skiing and cross-country skiing, Pohorje ski resort gives you a chance to try snowshoeing, ice climbing, and dog sledding. Sledding is also something you cannot miss here, especially in the Areh area. If you enjoy watching others ski, don’t miss out on the Golden Fox competition. This women’s competition gathers local alpine ski racers and is always a blast, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that skiing in Slovenia 2022 lists are filled with praise for this place.


Things to know about Mariborsko Pohorje before heading there on your ski holiday in Slovenia:


  • Total Ski Slope Length: 41.5 km
    Length of Blue Slopes: 23.5 km, or around 57%
  • Length of Red Slopes: 13 km, or around 31%
  • Length of Black Slopes: 5 km, or around 12%
  • Number of Ski Lifts: 16 drag lifts, 5 chairlifts, 1 cable car
  • Ski Resort Capacity: 23,436 per hour
  • Top-rated hotels: Find luxury at 5-star hotel Habakuk or at a more affordable 4-star service of hotels Bolfenk and Arena, which offers a spectacular wellness center. The cheapest option will be Hotel Areh.
  • Other activities in the resort: 5/5
  • Nightlife: 4/5


Kranjska Gora – The most famous ski resort in Slovenia

If you’re an experienced skier, there is a pretty good chance you’ve heard all about Kranjska Gora, if not already visited it. Situated close to the Austrian and Italian borders, you’ll get the chance to go on a ski adventure from the Vitranc hill to the villages of Podkoren and Planica.

Open for business from December 9th to March 24th, this is a great place to plan your next ski trip. Since most of the slopes are covered with artificial snow, the best conditions throughout the ski season are guaranteed.

It’s also loved by the locals, so you’ll get plenty of chances to hear the Slovenian language and maybe learn a phrase or two. Kranjska Ski Resort is home to 18 slopes where both beginners and those with some practice can swoosh down side by side.

Don’t skip the scenic ski touring in the Upper Sava Valley, but only if your skills are at a higher level. This ski resort also hosts the World Cup slalom ski competitions. In between all the skiing, unleash your inner child with sledding, test your limits with tubing, and enjoy night skiing for the ultimate winter wonderland vibes.


Daily pass prices range from 24€ to 40€. Kranjska Gora in numbers will show you why you’ll find this resort at the top of many ski resorts Slovenia reviews:

  • Total Ski Slope Length: 20 km
  • Length of Blue Slopes: 10 km, or 50%
  • Length of Red Slopes: 8 km, or 40%
  • Length of Black Slopes: 2 km, or 10%
  • Number of Ski Lifts: 7 drag lifts, 5 chairlifts, 2 magic carpets
  • Ski Resort Capacity: 18,333 per hour
  • Top-rated hotels: Ramada Resort is the best choice, and not far behind are hotels Spik and Kompas
  • Other activities in the resort: 4/5
  • Nightlife: 5+


Kope Ski Resort – Best place for snowboarding in Slovenia

For all you adrenaline-seeking enthusiasts out there, snowboarding in Slovenia is something you have to experience this winter season. Kope Ski Resort is located in the Carinthia region, in northern Slovenia. Even though many ski resorts in Slovenia are equipped with trails for snowboarding, Kope takes the cake as the best one, and don’t let its size fool you.

The longest piste in this resort has a 500-meter height difference, making it more than perfect for snowboarding. The ski cross track, 600 meters long and 9 km wide, is top-tier regardless of your skill. It’s equipped with four ramps at the start, so you can feel like flying through the air with your ski partners right by your side.

The real fun, though, starts at the snowboarding park on the Pungart slope. If cross-country skiing is more your speed, you can follow the track from Grmovskov dom to Ribniska koca.

Daily passes range from 22€ for kids, 22€ for youth, and 34€ for adults. Kope opens its doors for visitors from December to April, giving you plenty of time to plan your trip.


Overview of Kope Ski Resort:

  • Total Ski Slope Length: 8 km
  • Length of Blue Slopes: 2.8 km, or around 35%
  • Length of Red Slopes: 3.6 km, or around 45%
  • Length of Black Slopes: 1.6 km, or around 20%
  • Number of Ski Lifts: 3 drag lifts, 4 chairlifts, 1 magic carpet
  • Ski Resort Capacity: 10,324 per hour
  • Top-rated hotels: Even though you won’t find a hotel room right on the tracks, there are plenty of great and affordable options near the resort. This includes Hisa Ancka Boutique Hotel, Slovenj Gradec Hotel, Hotel Dobrna, or Hotel Sviracija.
  • Other activities in the resort: 3/5
  • Nightlife: 3/5


Krvavec Ski Resort – Enjoy skiing near Ljubljana

The second largest ski resort in Slovenia also happens to be just 30ish km north of its capital. Besides the international crowd, locals adore this resort, which means that if you are not fond of the crowds, avoid it during the weekend. The season lasts from the first week in December up until the first week in April, and the daily passes are between 26€ and 41€.

This is the place to be if you prefer night skiing, but more importantly, if you like night sledding. Every Friday and Saturday night, hurry down the illuminated Tiha Dolina slope along with 3 friends.

Slopes in the Krvavec ski resort are great for snow biking, tubing, and snowshoeing. Skiing near Ljubljana will also give you a chance to explore this tourist jewel, as there is a shuttle bus that operates to and from the city every day.

Krvavec Ski Resort essentials include:

  • Total Ski Slope Length: 30 km
  • Length of Blue Slopes: 7 km, or 23%
  • Length of Red Slopes: 15 km, or 50%
  • Length of Black Slopes: 8 km, or 27%
  • Number of Ski Lifts: 3 drag lifts, 7 chairlifts, 1 cable car
  • Ski Resort Capacity: 17,600 per hour
  • Top-rated hotels: 4-star hotels are the way to go here, such as Actum Hotel and Hotel
  • Creina, or you can be situated in Ljubljana
  • Other activities in the resort: 5/5
  • Nightlife: 5/5


Other great Slovenian ski holiday options:

This was a list of our favorite ski resorts in Slovenia based on personal opinion. Check out other recommended options to find the best Slovenian ski resort according to your preferences:


  • Vogel Ski Resort
  • Bovec Ski Resort
  • Cerkno Ski Resort
  • Velika Planina
  • Golte Ski Center

Whether you decide to use it as a guide or just as inspiration, we have no doubt that Slovenia will become your favorite budget-friendly skiing paradise.


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