Top beaches in Istria, Croatia

The Istrian coastline of almost 540 kilometers is home to countless beautiful beaches that attract visitors worldwide. Many Istrian beaches have the Blue Flag, a certificate for top sea quality and best facilities, waving overhead – another reason why many people love visiting Istria’s beaches. There is also a wide choice of different bathing possibilities! Here are our recommendations to help you find the best beaches in Istria.


In this article, you will find out the best:

  • beaches near Rovinj
  • beaches near Pula
  • beaches near Opatija
  • beaches near Poreč
  • beaches near Rijeka

Girandella Beaches, Rabac

The Girandella beaches are positioned in the lodge of Rabac in the southeast of Istria and are amongst the absolute dream seashores of the region. Breathtaking are the many white pebble bays that line up alongside the picturesque coast and promise a holiday feeling at its best.
Starting from the household beach, nudist seashore to the canine beach, sincerely, the whole thing is supplied here. Above all, however, the paradisiacal turquoise colorations of the sea, which nearly remind one of the Caribbean, are a satisfaction on the Girandella beaches.
There are various seaside resorts alongside the coast. Great is the Girandella Resort, which with its pool and the best location, is a great preference for a seashore vacation.


  • Pula to Girandella 1h (50 km)
  • Rovinj to Girandella 1h 10min (60km)
  • Rijeka to Girandella 1h 12min (70km)

Hawaii Beach – Pula


Hawaii Beach – a luxury beach within the bay Principina, located within the hotel complex Veruda, offering beautiful panoramic sea views, furthermore as excellent conditions for beach holidays for kids and adults. it’s one of every of the foremost visited beaches in Pula, named for its similarity to the Hawaiian coast.

  • Pula Center to Hawaii 10min (5 km)
  • Rovinj to Hawaii 47min (46km)
  • Rijeka to Hawaii 1h 30min (113km)

Lone Bay Beach


Lone Bay is one of the most visited seashores in Rovinj, so we have a long list of motivations to call Lone Bay the town seaside. The greatest benefit of Lone Bay is its nearness to the town. The narrows is arranged south of ACI marina, not a long way from Park Hotel, Eden Hotel, Montauro Hotel, Mone Mulini Hotel, tennis focus, and different games/traveler offices. It goes for a fifteen-minute stroll to get from Trg maršala Tita to Lone Bay. Assuming that you are showing up via vehicle, you can leave close to the ex MONVI entertainment focus, and stroll down to the straight. Obviously, we prescribe you to utilize a bike, which is the quickest and most agreeable method for getting to the sea shores. You can lease bikes close to the Delfin pool.

  • Pula to Lone Bay 42min (37 km)
  • Rovinj center to Lone Bay 5min (2km)
  • Rijeka to Lone Bay 1h 20min (93km)

Njive Beach and Pinizule Bay – Kamenjak (Premantura)


The western side of Cape Kamenjak in a cove with the same name is where Njive Beach is located. The central part of the beach is covered in gravel and small pebbles, while the sides are rocky and flat. The entrance into the sea is very shallow, making it a good choice for families with kids and older persons. Above the beach, there is the Njive beach bar, which offers drinks and food. If you’re looking for relaxation, there’s a massage house near the beach.

  • Pula to Njive 25min (15 km)
  • Rovinj to Njive 55min (55km)
  • Rijeka to Njive 1h 45min (120km)

Zambratija Beach, Umag


Zambratija is a small sandy beach in a bay near Umag. Because of the gentle sand, this beach is popular among families with small kids. Next to the beach, you can find private apartments ideal for your vacation in Istria.

  • Pula to Zambratija 1h 10min (94 km)
  • Rovinj to Zambratija 1h (74km)
  • Rijeka to Zambratija 1h 42min (105km)

Lanterna Camping Beaches


Lanterna is a premium campsite and one of the best camping beaches in Europe. It’s located in a place called Tar, near Poreč. It’s surrounded by pines and Mediterranean vegetation, which makes this place really enjoyable. The best beach in this area is Val Adria Sandy Family Beach.

  • Pula to Lanterna 55min (70 km)
  • Rovinj to Lanterna 50min (53km)
  • Rijeka to Lanterna 1h 30min (111km)

Cyclon’s Beach (Pula)


Lukomir is one wonderful old villages located on the Bjelašnica Mountain, at 1,495 meters. Lukomir is the country’s highest settlement. When you step into the village you will feel as if you have returned through time. This could be an amazing day trip from Sarajevo because this place is treated like an open-air museum, where you may see rural life’s traditions and legacy on exhibit.


  • Pula center to Cyclon’s Beach 9min (4 km)
  • Rovinj to Cyclon’s Beach 50min (43km)
  • Rijeka to Cyclon’s Beach 1h 30min (113km)

Valbandon Beach in Fažana


Valbandon is a small village in the municipality of Fažana, Istria County, Croatia. It is located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, 3 km from Fažana and 12 km from Pula.

The Valbandon beach is a small but very beautiful and peaceful beach. It is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the view. The beach is surrounded by a pine forest, providing shade and making it a perfect place to relax.


  • Pula to Valbandon 15min (8 km)
  • Rovinj to Valbandon 40min (34km)
  • Rijeka to Valbandon 1h 24min (108km)

Polynesia Beach in Umag


The vill Katoro lies near the city of Umag, and in the vicinity is located a notorious apartment resort Sol Polynesia, with multitudinous sightseer installations. Near the sand, there are two seductive pools and a wide grassy area where you can play football or badminton. There’s also an eatery and a bar with an excellent offer of regale refections. The sand is incompletely paved and incompletely rocky. On some spots, you’ll find shade from the large pine trees. A playground can be plant for kiddies and tennis courts. It’s an ideal choice for families with kiddies.


  • Pula to Polynesia Beach 1h 10min (90 km)
  • Rovinj to Polynesia Beach 1h (73km)
  • Rijeka to Polynesia Beach 1h 10min (68km)

St. Andrea Beach


Sent (Sveti) Andrea Beach is maybe the best beach in Istria. If you are located in the center of Rabac, you can go to this beach on foot. This beach has a great choice of cafés and restaurants.


  • Pula to St. Andrea 53min (50 km)
  • Rovinj center to St. Andrea 1h 5min (60km)
  • Rijeka to St. Andrea 1h 10min (68km)

Mulini Beach in Rovinj


Concrete paved sand to the south of Rovinj, close to the ACI marina and within easy walking distance from the city center. The sand was fully rebuilt in 2014, the paved areas refreshed, and the surroundings landscaped. The large use of special white concrete combined with natural jewels gives a touch of exclusivity to the whole area. A veritably popular walking boardwalkcurving towards the Zlatni rt Nature Park, divides the Monte Mulini sand from the 5- star hostel luxury complex. The sand offers also a majestic sand barvisited substantially by hostel guests.

You can find a few more great beaches in the vicinity. some of them are Amarin, Valdaliso, Borik, Porton Biondi, Baluota Monte, and Katarina Island Beach.


  • Pula to Polynesia Beach 370min (40 km)
  • Rovinj center to Polynesia Beach 7min (2,7km)
  • Rijeka to Polynesia Beach 1h 15min (93km)

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