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Swimming in Kotor

The Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska) is something that deserves to be on your travel bucket list due to the diversity of things it offers. It is an amazing travel destination mainly for its breathtaking scenery and historical significance. It is situated in northwest Montenegro in the heart of the Adriatic Sea. The Bay of Kotor is not technically a fjord but due to green mountains and an epic backdrop to the navy-blue waters of the bay, it bears a resemblance to one. This beautiful bay is surrounded by magnificent Lovćen mountains to the east and Orjen Mountains to the west.

From the breathtaking natural sites, and historical buildings to the luxurious hotels and marvelous beaches, the Bay has it all to attract tourists from all around the world. The beaches in the Bay of Kotor offer spectacular sea views and are mostly free to swim. We’ve shortlisted the best beaches in Kotor bay where you can spend a day challenging the waves, and the evening to watch marvelous sundown. Let’s take a look!



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Morinj Beach

Morinj is one of the most stunning beaches in the Bay of Kotor. This small pebbly beach is mainly famous for its unique forms and shapes. It is located on a small headland tucked in the shadow of surrounding lush green forests and picturesque mountains. Morinj is divided between Gornji Morinj, the upper half, and Donja Morinj, the lower half, which is similar to other coastal settlements in the Bay of Kotor area. It is one of the most beautiful and clean beaches you can visit in the Bay of Kotor. Nearby there are a variety of well-known restaurants on the beach worth seeking out where you can enjoy excellent seafood with a spectacular coastal view.

Beach in Tivat

Beaches in Tivat

Tivat is a beautiful resort close to the Tivat international airport, and there is a luxurious Porto Montenegro. It is 17 nicely arranged beaches with a beautiful coastline and breathtaking views where you can experience pearlescent sands, incredible blue waters, towering palm trees, and surreal sunset.

Popular Tivat beaches are Ponta Beach, Donja Lastva, Kamelija, Opatovo, Mimosa, Palma, Sveti Marko, Belane, etc. The beaches are usually not overcrowded, and prices are also affordable, so if you want to have a relaxing time to rejuvenate your body, Tivat is definitely worth a visit. Another jewel that makes Tivat even more special is the Porto Montenegro which is one of the most luxurious ports on the Adriatic sea. Tivat is also a town where is one of the two international airports in Montenegro located. You can read more about beaches in Tivat on this page.

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Bajova Kula Beach

This adorable gem is just a 20 minutes ride away from Kotor located on the way to the Herceg Novi. It is a secluded beach relatively small in size and has crystal clear and cold water. You can do a boat tour of the Bay of Kotor and experience the marvelous beauty of Blue Cave and explore the centuries-old Our Lady of the Rocks Church. Unlike other beaches in the Kotor bay, Bajova Kula is extremely clean which indicates its high environmental and quality standards. The right side of the beach is free to access, however, on the left side you have to pay 10 euros per person, which is a bit expensive but no too bad if you want to spend some relaxing time away from the noisy crowd. This little beach ticks all the boxes when it comes to a perfect beach holiday where you can swim, sunbathe and enjoy delicious seafood.

Beaches in Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi Riviera

It is a major resort town in Kotor Bay with a mild Mediterranean climate; mild winters and warm summers. Are of Herceg Novi has 62 beaches spread from Nijvice to the cape Macak on the peninsula beaches. The sea temperature during summer is 22-26 °C and the swimming season lasts up to 5 months. Some of the famous beaches in Herceg Novi include Nijivice, also known as “Queen’s Beach”, Blatna plaza in Igalo, famous for its healing mud, Fenix Montenegro, and Dobrec beach. Most beaches have sandy shores with beach bars, restaurants, lodges, and children’s playgrounds to make your time fun at the beach. There are a lot of other activities you can enjoy along with a stretch of sand.



Risan Beach

Risan beach is situated in Boko-Kotor Bay, northwest of Montenegro. It is one of the most serene beaches in the bay of Kotor best suited for people who want to enjoy some peace and calm rest with their loved ones. The resort is surrounded by mountains and rich green vegetation. The shore and seafloor are covered with pebbles and fine sand with concrete plates. The coast-line of Risan beach is 1km long and 10 meters wide. The high season lasts from July to September during which temperature reaches up to 30° C. The infrastructure on the beach is well-developed with a large number of restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores the provide all the important amenities families need and want.

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