Petrovaradin stronghold was a critical military post of the Austrian rulers who, at the hour of Napoleon’s conquest, concealed their numerous fortunes here. Now being the art focus of the city, and the ground of exit festival, and also a spot which secretive underground keeps captivating pioneers from around the globe


At the point when the European aristocrats manufactured Petrovaradin stronghold, they positively didn’t have at the top of the priority list that 300 years after the fact it would be the get-together spot of individuals from around the globe, of music and gathering admirers rather than warriors. Their ground-breaking military post was transformed into a chipper music Fortresses of Exit, one of the biggest European concerts, and into the greatest workmanship settlement in Europe.


Compelling bastion on the correct bank of the Danube, the second biggest Fortresses in Europe, has had various bosses. Following 180 years of Turkish administration it, at last, got its the present appearance because of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I of Austria’s Habsburg line. Consequently the style common of the eighteenth century Austria. In 1703 he started the remaking of the Fortresses that went on for a long time.


As indicated by a legend the name of Petrovaradin Fortresses comprises three words signifying “the city on a stone solid as confidence”. Besides, because of its vital position and centrality that the stronghold had for the Hapsburg government, it was classified “Gibraltar on the Danube”. It comprises of Upper and Lower city transcending the Danube and speaking to the image of Novi Sad.




The most shocking piece of Petrovaradin post is the Clock Tower at the Ludwig bastion. The clock is impossible to miss for its clock-hands: a little hand demonstrates minutes, while the enormous hand speaks to hours. This uncommon clock was built such away with the goal that individuals, above all else boatmen, could peruse the time from the huge span.


The subsequent sleeping quarters are situated in the Lower town and it gives Petrovaradin stronghold its trademark shape. Later it was changed into the inn “Leopold” with the inside that takes after the Austrian castles. It is the perfect spot to appreciate the true environment of Petrovaradin Fortresses.



There are numerous legends about the establishment of this city. Since ancient occasions, numerous countries have lived here. The Petrovaradin fortification, that is the image of the city, dates from the Middle Ages, however, it was the Austro-Hungarians that gave it the look it has today.


One of the legends says it was the traders and experts that have set up the settlement around the Petrovaradin stronghold in which they had worked yet were illegal to live.

Sight to Novi Sad

During the ages, that settlement developed into one of the most excellent urban areas in this piece of Europe – Novi Sad, referred to likewise as “the Serbian Athens” because of its wonderful culture and history. As indicated by this legend, the city has been established by precisely 12 troopers and 20 experts (cooks, butchers, and others).


Novi Sad is these days home of about 300.000 individuals of different ethnicities and the capital of the self-sufficient territory of Vojvodina. It was that assorted variety (social, ethnic, strict and so forth.) that has made resilience and receptiveness for new things and thoughts the key highlights of the city.

Petrovaradin Clock Tower


You are constantly welcome in Novi Sad, where well disposed and friendly local people will attempt to make every day you spend in their old neighborhood remarkable.

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