Private Transfers and airport taxi

Suppose you land at the Belgrade International Airport “Nikola Tesla” (BEG) for the first time. Knowing all the pricing options for a taxi ride from Belgrade Airport to Belgrade city center is essential.

In this post, we’ll explain all of them, so you don’t make the mistake of randomly choosing a taxi at Belgrade Airport and paying an overcharged price like many other tourists in Belgrade.

How much is a taxi from Belgrade Airport to city centre with a taximeter turned on?

Belgrade city center is 18-20 kilometers away from the airport. Charging of a taxi ride from the airport to the city centre with a taximeter is calculated based on the distance and the time spent when the car is not moving (traffic lights and the traffic jams). Price may vary depending on the time of the day, Sunday, and holidays. Check the current (Nov. 2022) official taximeter pricelist which is the same for all taxi companies in Belgrade.


Tariff Start Price per kilometer Waiting per hour
1. Tariff (Mon-Sat 06:00-22:00) 220rsd 80rsd 900rsd
2. Tariff (Mon-Sat 22:00-06:00, Sunday and holidays) 220rsd 100rsd 900rsd
3. Tariff (Rides out of Belgrade) 220rsd 160rsd 900rsd

* 1 € = 118 rsd

According to this pricelist, the price would be around 1900rsd in the first tariff, highly depending on traffic (the slower the traffic is, the higher the traffic). On the second tariff – Sunday, holidays, and by night (22-06) that price would be around 3300rsd.

You can call a taxi or find them on a cabstand in front of the airport. We recommend you Naxis Taxi and Pink Taxi as the best.


Why avoid being driven from the airport with a taximeter-based price?

Price calculated with a taximeter may sound like the cheapest option. But, often, what sounds too good isn’t the truth.

First of all, there is little or no control from the government over the taximeter price setup. It may calculate much more than the official price. Second, because of the low official fees approved by the city government, most taxi drivers refuse to drive from the airport to the city center with the taximeter turned on. You have to bargain with them. Consider it a good deal if you agree on a price of around 30 €.

Belgrade Airport Taxi Voucher

You’ll find a taxi information desk when you enter the arrival hall after you pass customs. You can ask for a taxi voucher with a flat rate for a taxi ride from the airport to Belgrade city center.

With this voucher in your hands, you have to ask available drivers at the cab stand to drive you and charge you the price shown on the voucher. The current price in 2023 is 30€ for payment in euros.


Problem with taxi vouchers

The fixed price you know in advance sounds good regardless if it is a little bit higher than the price charged with the taximeter. But driving with the fixed costs shown on the voucher is more the theory often not possible in reality. As is the case for the taximeter rides, taxi drivers are unhappy with the current official prices. Most often, they reject to drive clients at the voucher price except if they connect two or three passengers and make a ride-sharing charge separate voucher prices for each passenger. This is not acceptable for you if you are traveling with your family members or friend or have a lot of luggage.

Reservation of an airport transfer (the best option)

Considering all the other options, it’s best to make a reservation for your airport transfer in Belgrade in advance. That way, you’ll know the costs, there will be no ride-sharing and hidden fees, and the driver will wait for you holding the name sign in the arrival hall. The price may be a little higher than the voucher or taximeter price, but the quality of this kind of transportation service is much better than you can expect from an average Belgrade taxi. If you book your airport taxi with Balkan Chauffeur, the advantage compared to other limousine services is that you don’t have to pay anything online. You can pay for your transfer directly to your driver when you reach your hotel in the center of Belgrade.


Taxi drivers in the arrival hall

It may seem like a convenient option, but you have to avoid this, or you can expect all sorts of trouble. In the arrival hall, there will be drivers who will offer you their taxi service. They are not licensed, taxi drivers! Even if you agree on a fixed price that may be acceptable for you, in the end, they will charge you the price shown on the taximeter which can be very expensive. They can be very pushy and unpleasant leaving you no chance to avoid paying them an overcharged price.

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